This Is What Makes No-Touch Technology Powerful Today

We are currently on the brink of a significant industry shift. Facing today’s new challenges has only offered us new opportunities to adapt to an ever-evolving market as we begin to see how the role of technology can support businesses while many work from home. Though there is no “cure-all” for these events, many in real estate have looked to technology to help them transition from working on-site, to relying on virtual interactions. What was considered convenient just a few months ago has taken the role of necessity and is enabling us to provide more options for current prospects and customers.

In a time where remote work is becoming a standard, we continue to emphasize and prioritize the importance of human connection in a business. For this reason, we’ve employed a method of rationalization to identify and simplify what prospects are looking for. This is where the role of no-touch technology comes into play. The need for renting homes in a no-touch world has enabled multifamily tech companies like BetterBot to provide alternate solutions for property managers and marketers.

No-Touch Technology functions in the background, while the leasing agent’s time is freed up to focus on tasks that concern clients, or other important objectives. With regard to management properties, agents no longer have to answer rudimentary questions and qualify prospects. In our case, we’ve been able to help detail prospect needs, demonstrate the ease of bot use, and build a connection that enables future tenants to schedule virtual appointments. Agents can now connect with future residents who wish to “tour” or discuss a community.

While disruption has played a factor, we’ve managed to adapt to circumstances by going from scheduling in-person tours to scheduling online appointments. This way future tenants can meet agents using FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom, not to mention other virtual tour options recently integrated with BetterBot, such as 3D virtual property tours and video guides. Many Multifamily leasing agents have used video to provide a virtual open-house tour of the property. Meeting in person is no longer an obstacle in our sector. Especially since multifamily is poised to withstand the current economic climate, as a recent report from Yardi explains. Another report from MorningStar shows that the effects of the pandemic will not only be minimal to the housing market, but multifamily property construction will be affected less long term, compared to previous market dips. “We expect a rebound in housing demand in the second half of 2020, particularly as households respond to lower mortgage rates,” the article states. It is also predicted that social distancing measures will be maintained and ingrained into society for the foreseeable future. That being the case, we recommend utilizing technological innovation that could not only save your business, but save lives in the meantime. Our belief in building and strengthening client relationships is amongst the most important principles to keep in this time; even if it is from behind a webcam.

BetterBot’s no-touch technology is more important than ever as we deploy social distancing protocols while meeting the needs of prospects. In the past, we have found that some bots and other chat solutions required agents to be available in the event the bot couldn’t handle the conversation. With BetterBot, this is no longer necessary. Our definition of no-touch has been adapted to the literal sense of the meaning. Take a look at BetterBot’s demo, and you’ll see how easy it is to schedule 3D tours, answer questions, and lead prospects to start an online application.

For additional help, please feel free to reach out at We hope this information finds you well. Please be safe and stay healthy!

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