What Problems Your Bot Should Solve

In the past decade, no tech has advanced customer service more than chatbots. From changing when and how audiences connect with brands, to transforming the way brands personify themselves, bots have had an incredible impact on the industries they’ve been adopted into. And if you’re in customer service, chances are you’ve seen firsthand just how bot technology can make you and your team’s lives easier. If you’re new to chatbots though, it can feel overwhelming trying to integrate them into your processes. In today’s BetterBot blog, we’re going to hopefully create a little more clarity by zooming into several common ‘problems’ customer service teams face – and why the right chatbot will solve them. 

5 problems your chatbot should solve

Giving back precious time to your teams

In the multifamily real estate space, around half of all prospective leads go unanswered. Why? Simply because property management teams don’t have enough time. This is a common problem across many industries and is one that’s easily remedied with a bot. A chatbot is like a customer service rep that’s always available, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. And with less time spent answering hundreds of inquiries each day, you and your team can spend more time on high-level tasks – like improving your social media presence. In fact, bots can save on average 57.1 hours a month per property. That’s a huge chunk of time your team could be saving.

Handling endless queries with ease

We’ve all experienced that one type of customer that can’t stop with just one question (or five). It can be frustrating and time-consuming to go back and forth with someone when you’re trying to juggle the rest of your day’s tasks. Enter a chatbot, which allows customers to ask as many questions as they’d like and always receive service with a smile. Never again will you have to deal with these extra-inquisitive prospects.

One of the great things about chatbots is that, with the right programming, they can not only share information but crunch numbers and handle tasks like resetting passwords as well. All of the dull and repetitive tasks your customer service team used to have to handle can be taken off your plate!

Personifying your brand

Many brands struggle to create an engaging presence and persona online. It can be tough to create a tone of voice that people want to engage with on your website alone, which is where a chatbot comes in. Guided conversation chatbots like BetterBot are programmable with a variety of different conversational styles and “personalities”. Want your brand to come off as fun and humorous, or direct with no-frills? It’s easy to give your chatbot whatever personality you think your customers will engage the most with. And when you strike the right tone, your audience will keep coming back to engage with your bot (and your brand). 

Less stress on your audience

Most people today don’t want to have to call or email a customer service rep to get an answer on something. It’s time-consuming and anxiety-inducing – especially for those of us who dread phone calls. Having a one-stop customer service bot can greatly reduce the stress on your customers and make it easier for them to engage with you in positive ways. And, if they have a question or complaint that can’t be answered by your bot, they can let you know how best to contact them with a human representative. 

Making it easier to get customer info

Traditionally, if you wanted to get information from a customer, you had to direct them to an oftentimes tedious form. Unless people really want to do business with you, they’re unlikely to spend 5 minutes on a form and freely offer up their info like that. With chatbots, you don’t necessarily need to shove forms in your customer’s face. Chatbots can actually get all the information that traditional forms can, like email address, phone number, etc. And, they can do this through a naturally-flowing conversation. If you’ve had a hard time following up on leads because you didn’t have any contact info, a bot can help you get the info you need to be able to reach out and convert that lead. 

While chatbots can’t solve all our problems (we wish!), they’re definitely a powerhouse when it comes to creating easy solutions for everyday customer services issues. Learn more about chatbots and what they can do for both your teams and your audience in our guide here

How Apartment Chatbots are Redefining Multifamily Customer Support

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: chatbots are the future of multifamily customer support. In today’s world, traditional customer support methods just can’t keep up with the 24/7, 365 needs of consumers. But chatbots can, and they can do a lot more than simply showing off floorplans. Here’s how multifamily chatbots like BetterBot are redefining customer support for today’s property management teams.

Always-on service

58% of all of our customer’s traffic occurs after hours – that’s pretty significant. People today expect great customer service on their own time, whether that’s 8 am or 8 pm. By limiting your available hours to regular business hours, you’re greatly reducing your capacity to connect with these prospective leads. What’s more, we’ve found that, 20 years ago, 50% of prospective renter leads go unanswered by the property – and that stat is surprisingly the same today. What we hear through this stat is that property management teams are understaffed and don’t have enough time in the day to respond to each and every lead themself. Unfortunately, this is the case with most property teams, and likely won’t change. It’s a big problem, but fortunately it’s one that chatbots can help solve. 

When you start using chatbot tech, you’re essentially creating a customer service rep that’s always on and available. People looking for information on your property or wanting to set up an appointment can do so whenever they’re free. All you have to do then, is follow up!

A wealth of resources in the palm of your hand

Today’s chatbots can do so many things, and are fully customizable based on your team’s (and customers’) unique needs. Want to show off your property’s amenities? Check. Really excited to let people schedule appointments online? It’s simple to do with a bot. From giving prospects access to 3D tours to allowing current residents to request and schedule maintenance, what your bot can do is only limited by your imagination. Check out our BetterBot Demo to see a sampling of what your bot could do.

Guided conversation makes it easy to get leads

There are several different types of chatbot solutions available on the market today, and not all are created equal. From bots that use AI-based natural language processing to mimic human speech, to those leveraging pre-written conversations to some that use a mixture of both, there is a lot of variety in terms of the bots your property management team could potentially use. And through our trials, we’ve found that guided-conversation bots (those that use pre-written, branched dialogues) outperform other bots by a wide margin. 

When it comes to getting leads, you want to create a naturally-flowing conversation with your prospect. Lead gating doesn’t work, but by engaging customers in conversation with your chatbot, you can naturally lead your prospect where you want them to go, whether that’s to an information form, or to book an appointment. 

Better access and time saved

One of the awesome things about having a chatbot is that it allows customers to reach you across a variety of channels – not just on your property’s website. Our chatbot can be integrated wherever you have a digital presence, which means that people can interact with your bot and reach you on any social media platform. If you’ve built up a great digital marketing strategy, this means that people who learn about your property from Facebook, for example, can go to your Facebook page and immediately get answers to any questions they have without having to navigate to your website. 

Now more than ever, people value time and accessibility, and they want to be able to find you on the platforms they’re already on. The easier you can make it to engage with your customer service team, the more likely you’ll be able to convert those leads to new renters. 

Where the future of multifamily chatbots is headed

So where will we see chatbots go in the future? Ultimately, we think chatbots will become the primary marketing channel for people to connect with properties. As the multifamily space continues to integrate social media into their strategy, ensuring bots have an omnichannel presence across these platforms will be key in boosting engagement and generating new leads. 

Ready to build a bot for your property management team? BetterBot can help. And when you’re done, don’t forget to check out our guide to making your bot the best it can be


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