Introducing the Affordable Bot

At BetterBot, we are continuing to expand our products to serve our customer’s needs better. That is why we are excited to announce the newest “bot venture” from BetterBot is geared towards Affordable/Section-8 communities. Like many communities, we understand that lead volume is a big pain point for the leasing staff, and managing those leads often demands more time than your teams have in a given day. That is where BetterBot comes into play. Ensuring your prospects have all the necessary information upfront can reduce total traffic from reaching out with repetitive questions. Our affordable bot does several things to make life easier on your teams. Here are some of the perks it offers!

Affordable Specific Dialogue 

With our affordable bot, you’re able to use specific dialogue catered to affordable housing. For instance, you can pre-qualify your prospects by entering into their income information and how many residents will be living in the unit. Helping your prospects know if they even can qualify for living at your property. 

Waitlist Management

Keep your waitlist organized with the affordable bot. Our dashboard allows you to keep track of your waitlist so that any time you have a vacancy, you can easily find your next renter: no more physical waitlists, chicken scratch on a notepad, or non-centralized documents. Now your whole team can access the waitlist with the touch of a button. 

Real-Time Management

With the BetterBot dashboard, you’ll be able to utilize our bot configuration and customization so that you can manage your bots in real-time. Any time you have an update for your bot, you can make it on your schedule, right in our dashboard. You can also send schedule requests to your qualified prospects at your convenience. You can also share kick-off documents and information before or after a tour. 

Affordable Specific Reporting 

Our affordable specific reporting allows your teams to evaluate the top-of-funnel leasing performance. It’s crucial that even on an affordable property, your teams are still selling your property experience. Find out what’s working and what could use some improvement with our reporting. You can see how much of your traffic is qualified and take the best course of action. 

If you have any affordable communities that you oversee, now is the time to utilize the BetterBot affordable bot solution. Contact us to schedule a call with our sales team today, and we’ll get you started with the most effortless onboarding process of your life (trust us, it’s seamless). You can also test out our affordable bot HERE


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