Digible Podcast – Discussing Chatbots in the Multifamily Space

Our founder and COO, Robert Turnbull, had the fantastic opportunity to be featured on the Digible Dudes Podcast. In this episode, Robert shares valuable insights about chatbots in the multifamily space. He also weighs in on the user experience with multifamily chatbots. Here are a few of the highlights from this episode. If you’d like to listen to the full episode, you can find it HERE or anywhere you listen to podcasts. 

Discussing Omnichannel Marketing – 32:59-34:17

“The bot, our bot can be put on a property website, but it was the only one that’s designed to actually be distributed to Google my business, which is an Instagram and Facebook, Facebook marketplace, Yelp, and the list goes on and on. So wherever a consumer, prospective renter find that property, the bot could actually live there and answer your questions.

24/7, 365. Now you talk about stickiness, if the bots on your property website and on GMB and yelp and, and, and, and now it’s a little hard to replace us because we’re so baked in, and it’s actually working really well. Google my business, and so for some of our properties represents 40% of the conversations happening.

And so GMB is just killing it. Um, and when you see the bot working at 3:00 AM, midnight, 5:00 AM having conversations on Google my business. Now you’re, now you’re starting to get some stickiness. We are getting into what we call WIP: web lead intercept protocol, where we can actually start intercepting leads coming through from various ILSs and responding and converting those into synchronous bot conversations and send just leads going into a CRM. Now we’re starting to create additional value where we’re baking ourselves into the processes. And suddenly, we’re not just a bot on your property website. We’re an integral part of your marketing solution.”

Why Bots Fit For Today’s Consumer – 48:40-48:59

“Again, people just want information. They want it now. 24/7, 365, and they want what they want. What they don’t want to do is fill out a lead form. They don’t want to wait until tomorrow. So these are things that are not changing anytime soon. And this is why bots just kind of fit today’s consumer.”

BetterBot’s Company Culture –  1:03:58-1:04:31

“I mean, I don’t just think it is a better bot; I think it is a better company. And I feel very much like a family now that said, that’s maybe a little kumbaya and touchy-feely, but I mean, come on when you’re having people who are running various departments in your company and people in your company who feel that way, you’re doing something right.

And to me, business is less than half of it is the people you’re working with and what they’re giving away. That really makes the difference. And that’s why I love working with this type of style of company, the size of company, your type of company. I think we share these philosophies.”

We are so honored to have Robert Turnbull as a guest on the Digible Dudes Podcast. For further information on bot technology, CLICK HERE