Announcing BetterBot’s New CRO, Tyler Hansen

Hansen to focus on continued revenue growth with BetterBot’s many partners and channels

Atlanta, GA, August 19, 2021 – Multifamily’s most adopted bot automation technology company announced today the addition of Tyler Hansen to the BetterBot executive team. “Tyler’s background in software sales as well as his partner and channel expertise will help us grow market share at an even faster pace,” said Zlatko Bogoevski, CEO and co-founder of BetterBot, Inc.

Hansen joins a stable of seasoned Industry executives such as Robert Turnbull, Brenda Giloth and Heather Anderson that have helped grow BetterBot from the first day of business. With their experience combined with Tyler’s roadmap to growth, BetterBot expects to further solidify their pole position as Multifamily’s dominant bot and automation solution.

“Tyler has that infectious, can-do, highly-focused personality that motivates everyone around him,” said Robert Turnbull, President, COO and co-founder of BetterBot. “In my 22 years in the Multifamily Industry I’ve seen a handful of talented sales leaders, of which Tyler is no doubt one of them. He’ll help us do great things at BetterBot.”

Hansen has a varied background yet consistent track record at his previous companies. Most recently he helped grow CheckpointID which sold to MRI. While there, Hansen assisted the executive and sales teams in continuing significant growth, while ensuring a transition to the MRI ecosystem. Prior to CheckpointID Hansen managed sales at Zumper, Luxer One, and Intuit. He’s based in San Francisco, Ca., with his wife Mystie and newborn son, Jomie. 

“The team at BetterBot has done an exceptional job building a platform to give Managers and Leasing Agents their time back. The value of guided-conversation technology has been proven and refined over the past three years and there’s no limit to what we can accomplish with our industry partners,” said Tyler.

In parallel to Tyler Hansen joining the BetterBot team, the company has recently added a new product offering to their suite of services. BetterBot For Leads – the newest way to automate your leasing process. BetterBot for Leads intercepts your ILS leads and converts them into high-valued conversations that turn into tours and ultimately result in leases. Tyler also noted, “This product will not only highlight the versatility of the BetterBot platform, but will also showcase the range of partnerships that BetterBot has developed in the industry. As the only marketing automation solution to be partnered directly with the ILSs, it will further set BetterBot as the leading solution in this space.”

BetterBot Update Announcement: Improved Multifamily ChatBot User Experience

Exciting news! BetterBot has been working hard to make sure that improvements are constantly being made for the ease of users. One of the most exciting improvements is the new and improved user experience. Here are some of the things that you will now see:

  • Updated Graphics
  • Cleaner User Experience

Updated Graphics

In the bot, you will now find updated icons and graphics throughout the bot. These are designed to help the user find what they are looking for more straightforwardly. It’s also abundantly clear when prospects are conducting their apartment search with these newly updated graphics. 

Cleaner User Experience

With the new and improved demo bot, users will find their experience more straightforward and cleaner. For instance, the back button has been moved to a more prominent position to access this control. 

Again, BetterBot is constantly improving so that customers can get the most out of this product. With the latest update, including updated graphics and user experience, prospective renters will improve their experience significantly. For more information on optimizing your bot to the fullest, check out our article on ways to make your bot even better

3 Reasons Why You Need BetterBot’s Apartment Chatbot For Leads

You don’t need more leads, you need BETTER ones. In a world where leads are coming at you left and right, it’s important to make sure each one is getting proper attention. That’s why we created BetterBot For Leads. We’ll handle the busy work so your team can focus on more important tasks. 

What does BetterBot For Leads do? 

BetterBot For Leads immediately follows up with leads from your marketing sources to convert them effortlessly to tours and maximize leases. When someone finds your community on an ILS and decides they want to contact you, they will be led to BeeBee. We will then help find out which leads are viable leads for your property and funnel those leads to your CRM for further action. Leads who are not qualified will funnel to a different channel to be handled as you see fit. No more sifting through leads to find out which are going to take action. Let us do the hard work so your teams can focus on converting those qualified leads. 

3 reasons why you need it: 

1. Never miss a prospect 

Renters want information 24/7/365. BetterBot For Leads works around the clock to ensure your prospects are always taken care of. We’ll follow up with every single lead and share the valuable information that they are looking for. 

2. More qualified leads 

Some leads you just don’t need….some you do. Let us help you figure out which ones to keep. BetterBot manages leads from any marketing source and converts 3x faster than your standard ILS. We have over 50% open rates on our follow-ups. 16.9% of opens click to our bot and nearly 30% of prospects become leads. 

3. Ease the workload on your teams

At times, we know it can be overwhelming working on site. That’s why one of our top goals is to ease the workload on your teams. We understand that your team members should be working to establish relationships with prospects and residents alike, not spending all their time qualifying leads. That’s why BetterBot For Leads does all the heavy lifting by identifying which leads are most likely to turn into leases. 

How do I get set up?

Easy! Contact our sales team HERE and we can share more information with you. Pricing varies depending on portfolio size. Our onboarding process is one of the smoothest you’ll experience so don’t hesitate to get started today. 

Pandemic Tech Trends That Are Here To Stay & How our Leasing Chatbot Can Help

The COVID-19 pandemic brought upon plenty of new challenges in the multifamily industry. Most companies had to get creative about how they continued with business during this time. These creative fixes came with new trends that would stick around even once the pandemic slowed and things began to return to normal. We had the pleasure of chatting at AIM Reconnect on the topic of pandemic tech trends that are here to stay and those that aren’t. Some of the crucial issues we covered include: 

  • How chatbots can assist with virtual tours
  • Ways you can reach your customer beyond property websites
  • Ways technology can assist with overwhelm in property offices 

In this discussion BetterBot’s COO & Co-Founder, Robert Turnbull, shares about how virtual tours became imperative during the pandemic and how they will continue to be. He shares how BetterBot realized that this needed to be a feature that was available to the public. He also discusses the method behind BetterBot’s framing of virtual tours on their platform. 

Shane Gilman, Vice President of Marketing at Gates Hudson, shares his experience using bots on platforms other than property websites. He talks about the importance of reaching prospects right where they are and how this shaped his marketing strategy at Gates Hudson. 

Robert Turnbull also shares essential statistics about overwhelm on site. He talks about different ways to alleviate that stress so that site teams can focus on what’s in front of them. It’s increasingly important that employees are just as satisfied as to the residents who live in each community. Therefore, management companies should find ways to ease the burden on their teams to complete lasting leases.

There are a number of pandemic trends that will stick around long after the world returns to normal, especially when it comes to technology. To understand even more of these trends, check out the full discussion below. For more information on how BetterBot can assist, CLICK HERE

BetterBot Greets It’s 50 Millionth Renter

BetterBot continues to be Multifamily’s most adopted digital leasing solution

Atlanta, GA, April 14, 2021 – BetterBot, an industry leader in Multifamily chatbot software, is successfully building the future of renting. Through its proprietary conversational leasing solution, the company is creating new opportunities for property management teams to engage with both prospective and current renters through self-guided VR apartment tours, live-video, phone appointments, and more. In Q1 of 2021, BetterBot achieved a new milestone, greeting its 50 millionth renter through its omnichannel chatbot software.

Underscoring this achievement is the internal growth BetterBot has experienced over the past two years. Starting from a small team of 2, the company has blossomed into a team of over 40 dedicated builders, designers, and customer support enthusiasts. “I mean, I don’t just think it is a better bot; I think it is a better company. And I feel very much like a family now that said, that’s maybe a little kumbaya and touchy-feely, but I mean, come on when you’re having people who are running various departments in your company and people in your company who feel that way, you’re doing something right,” said COO and Co-Founder, Robert Turnbull. “And to me, business is less than half of it is the people you’re working with and what they’re giving away. That really makes the difference. And that’s why I love working with this type of style of company, the size of company, your type of company. I think we share these philosophies.” 

Since its inception in 2018 by co-founders Zlatko Bogoevski and Robert Turnbull, BetterBot continues to go from strength to strength. By focusing on cultivating meaningful interactions between renters and property management teams, BetterBot differentiates itself from other chatbot software. 

Today, BetterBot remains the most adopted conversational leasing solution in the Multifamily space, serving thousands of apartment communities and their respective management teams. In 2020 alone, BetterBot has seen conversion rates above industry standards, with over 10% of all conversations starting with BetterBot converting to a viable prospect or scheduled appointment. Answering over 4 million apartment specific questions and generating over a quarter of a million renter leads, resulting in almost 1 million hours saved for Leasing Teams across the country.

About BetterBot

Today’s renters want control over their leasing process. People want to be able to access information wherever, whenever, and most leasing teams simply can’t keep up. Enter BetterBot, Multifamily’s most adopted omnichannel digital leasing solution. BetterBot helps provide renters the information they want 24/7/365, on the digital platforms they’re already on. Using the most technologically advanced software, BetterBot showcases floor plans, hosts virtual tours, and explains specials and amenities while driving prospective renters to schedule in-person, self-guided, live-video and phone appointments. BetterBot is the round-the-clock leasing assistant of choice, helping to free up valuable time so leasing teams can do what they do best – being human. 

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Introducing the Affordable Bot

At BetterBot, we are continuing to expand our products to serve our customer’s needs better. That is why we are excited to announce the newest “bot venture” from BetterBot is geared towards Affordable/Section-8 communities. Like many communities, we understand that lead volume is a big pain point for the leasing staff, and managing those leads often demands more time than your teams have in a given day. That is where BetterBot comes into play. Ensuring your prospects have all the necessary information upfront can reduce total traffic from reaching out with repetitive questions. Our affordable bot does several things to make life easier on your teams. Here are some of the perks it offers!

Affordable Specific Dialogue 

With our affordable bot, you’re able to use specific dialogue catered to affordable housing. For instance, you can pre-qualify your prospects by entering into their income information and how many residents will be living in the unit. Helping your prospects know if they even can qualify for living at your property. 

Waitlist Management

Keep your waitlist organized with the affordable bot. Our dashboard allows you to keep track of your waitlist so that any time you have a vacancy, you can easily find your next renter: no more physical waitlists, chicken scratch on a notepad, or non-centralized documents. Now your whole team can access the waitlist with the touch of a button. 

Real-Time Management

With the BetterBot dashboard, you’ll be able to utilize our bot configuration and customization so that you can manage your bots in real-time. Any time you have an update for your bot, you can make it on your schedule, right in our dashboard. You can also send schedule requests to your qualified prospects at your convenience. You can also share kick-off documents and information before or after a tour. 

Affordable Specific Reporting 

Our affordable specific reporting allows your teams to evaluate the top-of-funnel leasing performance. It’s crucial that even on an affordable property, your teams are still selling your property experience. Find out what’s working and what could use some improvement with our reporting. You can see how much of your traffic is qualified and take the best course of action. 

If you have any affordable communities that you oversee, now is the time to utilize the BetterBot affordable bot solution. Contact us to schedule a call with our sales team today, and we’ll get you started with the most effortless onboarding process of your life (trust us, it’s seamless). You can also test out our affordable bot HERE

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5 Reasons Why Your Student Housing Site Needs a Chatbot

Today’s students are busier than ever. Between classes, internships, jobs, and enjoying all the fun that college life has to offer, there’s little time to spend searching for housing. What’s more, property management teams have a lot on their plate as well, and often have a hard time keeping up with all the leads coming their way. Fortunately, bot technology is transforming the student housing space for today’s digital-first world, and at BetterBot, we’re helping lead the charge. Here’s 5 of our top reasons why your educational organization will benefit from a student housing chatbot. 

Student housing chatbot stats

Bots have changed the game when it comes to multifamily, and it’s no different when it comes to student housing. And, with great bot technology becoming more affordable and accessible, more universities and colleges are leveraging it. As of 2020, 37% of all educational organizations use some form of a chatbot for student housing. 

One of the many benefits of chatbots that property teams love is that it takes the pressure off lead conversion. For example, property management teams who use BetterBot are able to convert 21.3% of chatbot conversations into handoffs. 

Why your student housing site needs a chatbot

Along with giving your property teams more peace of mind (and who doesn’t want that?), here’s some of the top advantages a student housing chatbot can provide:

Simplified scheduling

Through chatbots, students looking for their next place can easily view available properties and floor plans. Instead of having to jump through hoops and fill out lead form after lead form, prospective renters can explore units with ease, and when it comes time, can schedule an appointment directly from the bot. 

Interactive student resources

Oftentimes, students looking for housing want to see more than a floor plan before they make a commitment for a semester or year. The good news is, chatbots can easily be loaded up with all sorts of interactive resources that people can use to assess whether or not a particular property is a good fit. Things like virtual tours and 3D videos can provide a much more accurate snapshot of a particular space, and can help students get the info they need without having to schedule an in-person appointment. 

Omnichannel management  

One of the great things about chatbots is that they don’t have to live exclusively on your property website. Instead, they can be integrated into your wider digital and social media presence on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Google My Business, and more. If you’re looking to connect with students where they already are, this is a great way to do it. 

Student housing chatbots lead to more conversions

Chatbots make it easy for students to get the information they need quickly and easily. Instead of having to wait around for a live customer service representative to respond to their queries, bots give prospective renters everything they need to know in order to make a decision. That’s why we see 21.3% of conversations converting into handoffs.  

Actionable, in-depth reporting

A great bot will offer your team a dashboard that collects quality KPIs and offers actionable insights at a glance. Instead of having to track and organize all your metrics on your own, chatbots do the work for you, leading to overall higher performance and efficiency. 

Learn more about our student housing chatbot solution here! 

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Introducing the All New Student Bot

At BetterBot we strive to provide a better user experience. We have worked really hard to customize the leasing process for our customers who specialize in student housing. We know that renting apartments to students is very unique and we are making the whole process a whole lot easier with our new student bot. A few of the added benefits include: 

  1. Unit Availability
  2. Customized Scheduling Tool
  3. Search by Number of Beds
  4. Interactive Student Resources 

Unit Availability

Students will have the ability to see unit availability right there within the student bot. They can choose the unit that is right for them and access all the information they need to make an informed decision. Our student bot will allow your students to easily make selections all on their own, saving you valuable time. 

Customized Scheduling Tool

Customize your chatbot with different types of scheduling. We know that the school year can be different depending on the location. That’s why you can customize your calendar to the semester, trimester, or quarter calendar. This will minimize confusion and allow your students to lease units based on the school year. 

Search by Number of Beds

We understand that student housing is unique compared to conventional leasing. That’s why with our student bot users are able to search not only by bedrooms, but by number of beds. This will help your leasing team stay organized when it comes to placing students in rooms and helping you fill up each room efficiently. 

Interactive Student Resources

At BetterBot, one of our goals is to help your teams save time so that you can focus on being human. One of the ways we are doing this is by providing interactive student resources through our student bot. You can add all the information your students need so they can access it easily and you can focus on what’s important. 

What Are You Waiting for? Try it out! 

The all new student bot, brought to you by us (BetterBot) is sure to dynamically change the way you lease your student units. We are continuing to make updates so that our users can get the most value out of our service. If you are interested in learning more about our student bot, click below to schedule a meeting! 

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Introducing BetterBot’s Dashboard 2.0

It’s finally here! BetterBot is introducing our new and improved BetterDashboard making it easier than ever to visualize leasing velocity, track marketing performance, and save your leasing team time. Our goal? To provide you a better user and customer experience  A few of the added benefits include:

  1. Quick snapshot of performance
  2. Personalize the chatbot
  3. Easy omnichannel marketing source management (grab link to distribute to channels)
  4. Unique protocols / conversation modifications
  5. Export and schedule reports
  6. Manage specials, amenities, gallery, resident portal, maps, virtual tours
  7. Track all conversations, even afterhours
  8. Track the traffic sources

Quick Snapshot of Performance

With this improved dashboard you will see a breakdown of the total number of Greetings, Conversations, Answers, Virtual Tours & Videos, Handoffs, Follow-Ups, and Appointments provided to a single property. Additionally, this provides a full breakdown of all the prospects that were handed off to a property via follow-ups or appointments. Seth Kaplan, Regional Marketing Director at Cushman and Wakefield says, “When it comes to marketing metrics, I use BetterBot’s 2.0 Dashboard as a source of truth for evaluating Marketing Source Performance data and reviewing property lead velocity.”

Personalize the Chatbot

Personalize your chatbot all the way down to the property level. You can decide if you want to use your corporate branding, property specific branding, or keep it simple with BetterBot’s branding. You are able to change color, logo, and the phrases that show above your chat bot. 

Easy Omnichannel Marketing Source Management

Within the dashboard you will be able to manage your omnichannel marketing sources. You can take a look at what sources your team is utilizing such as Craigslist, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Yelp, and so much more. Grab links easily so that you can put them anywhere you get your traffic. 

Unique Protocols

Within the dashboard you can set up unique protocols such as different COVID-19 procedures. You can specify if your community offers 3D or virtual tours, in-person appointments, self-guided tours, phone appointments, or live video tours. Plus you can easily update this information as conditions change. 

Export and Schedule Reports

Get reporting at the touch of a button. You can pull reports to share with your team or you can schedule them to go out automatically to save time. Keep track of how your bot is doing and what traffic is being handled. 

Manage Everything in One Place

All your properties, at your command. See how all your property’s bots are doing all within one dashboard. You can go between each community to find out how much traffic the bot is handling and what conversations are happening. 

Track All Conversations, even After Hours

Our bots are designed to take care of traffic when your agents are unavailable. Handling after hours traffic is a huge part of what we are made for! A bulk of traffic comes in after hours, which is why it’s so important that we help you manage it. With this dashboard you can track what after hours conversations are happening and see what information renters are searching for. 

Track Traffic Sources

Last but definitely not least, track your traffic more effectively. Our new dashboard allows you to track where your bot traffic is coming from and which channels are most effective for your properties. 

What Are You Waiting for? Take it  for a Spin! 

As you can see there are so many added benefits to our 2.0 dashboard, which is why we are so excited for you to try it out. We are constantly making updates to our products so that our users are getting the most out of the service we provide. 


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