G5 Partners with Best-in-Class Multifamily Chatbot Provider BetterBot

G5 to offer interactive website experience to answer renters’ questions faster

BEND, Ore. – January 7, 2020 – G5, the leader in real estate marketing optimization, has partnered with BetterBot, a best-in-class chatbot provider for the multifamily industry. Powered by BetterBot’s automated conversational leasing technology, G5’s chatbot can be implemented on any G5 website to provide an additional and alternative communication medium for prospective renters to get answers faster.

“A recent survey by the National Multifamily Housing Council revealed that nearly 50% of prospective renters would use a chatbot during the leasing process, which more than justifies having a bot in your stack,” said Mike Wolber, VP of Business Development, G5. “We vetted multiple bots in the multifamily space and it was clear that BetterBot was the right technology partner for us. Like G5, BetterBot is a best-in-class provider that is both vertical and solution-focused. We’re excited to combine our already robust digital marketing platform with their bot technology to deliver an even better online experience.”

Why use a bot?

  • Saves front office time by acting as an extension of a property’s leasing team: Bots can handle high volumes of inquiries and also schedule property tours, even after hours, resulting in fewer phone calls and emails
  • Delivers additional prospects with higher intent-to-rent: Bots can answer questions about real-time pricing and availability, floor plans, and more, allowing prospects to pre-qualify themselves
  • Reach new prospects: Capture additional prospective renters who would rather interact with a bot than make a call or fill out a form

“G5 plays a significant role in helping us find, attract and market to prospective renters using their various advertising and analytics solutions,” said G5 client, Kim Boland, Director of Digital Marketing for Morgan Properties. “When you combine that with BetterBot’s conversational leasing technology and data you get a very solid top-of-the-funnel consumer experience that converts to more appointments and leases.”

“Over the last decade, G5 has established itself as a solid marketing optimization company in multifamily,” said Robert Turnbull, President and Co-founder, BetterBot. “BetterBot and G5’s shared focus on providing an excellent user experience that converts to high-quality renter prospects at different parts of the marketing funnel makes for an ideal partnership.”

To learn more, watch a demo or come by Booth #24 at MultiFamily Social Media Summit in Napa, Calif., January 8-10, 2020.

About G5

As the leader in real estate marketing optimization, G5 is a predictive marketing SaaS company that uses AI and other emerging technologies to help marketers amplify their impact. Through its Intelligent Marketing Cloud, G5 delivers unrivaled performance and scalability through predictive analytics, 1:1 customer journeys, hyper-personalized customer experiences, and continuous spend optimization.

Founded in 2005, G5 has more than 8,000 properties and two million units under management throughout the U.S. and Canada. G5 was named one of the fastest-growing private U.S. companies by Inc. magazine and one of North America’s fastest-growing technology companies by Deloitte. Google selected G5 as a Premier Partner in 2016, the first in the real estate industry, and recently awarded G5 a next-level Premier Google Partnership.

The Bend, Oregon-based company is backed by private equity investor PeakEquity Partners. For more information, visit getg5.com.

About BetterBot

BetterBot is the fastest-growing, most-adopted automated conversational leasing technology in the multifamily industry. This best-in-class platform helps properties nurture prospects from multiple sources on their path to becoming a resident by greeting prospects, conversing with them, answering their questions, and scheduling their appointments. BetterBot’s powerful technology and unique user interface dramatically eliminate repetitive, time-consuming tasks, so property management can concentrate on higher-value work. For more information, visit betterbot.ai.

Press Contacts

Natalie Dent
PR & Corporate Communications Manager

Robert Turnbull
Founder & President

An Unmatched Appointment Generating Machine for Renters & Apartment Communities

Atlanta-Based bot technology firm cracks the code on converting traffic and leads to conversations, conversations to prospects, and prospects to appointments

It’s a problem that has been plaguing the Multifamily Industry for nearly two decades; how do we quickly respond to the overwhelming volume of renter leads?

“Until now, lead response has continued to be very challenging,” explains Ryan Perez, Vice President of Marketing for CF Real Estate. “The property staff either spends a lot of time manually responding to every lead, they don’t respond at all, or we send auto-responses back to the prospective renter. None of these ‘solutions’ are good ones.”

In early 2016, BetterBot co-founder Zlatko Bogoevski had a very successful custom software development firm in Atlanta. At that time he recognized the immediate value bot technology could bring to the Real Estate world, so he started building his own proprietary bot platform. Two years later Bogoevski met Robert Turnbull, a serial entrepreneur in the Multifamily Industry with 20 years experience building businesses in the apartment space. The two mutually decided to partner and tackle the lead response challenge with bot technology, launching their first BetterBot in the apartment category in April 2018.

BetterBot is rapidly growing and has deployed its bot solution to 31 property management companies, adding an average of four management companies each month. “With BetterBot we gather more information about prospects upfront while prospects receive instant answers, freeing up valuable sales staff time,” states Jonathan Ford, Vice President of Marketing for Gates Hudson in Fairfax, Va. “The conversion rates to tour speak for themselves.”

BetterBot has managed more than 260,000 prospective renter conversations to date. The average conversion from renter traffic to BetterBot engagement on a typical property website is 13.5%, nearly 5x the engagement ratio of a typical chat solution. In addition, BetterBot drives an average of 25 incremental renter prospect acquisitions each month, 13 of those in the form of high-value bot conversation leads, and 12 appointment requests.

“Of course, we’re thrilled with the results our bot solution is driving,” says Bogoevski. “But the real value of BetterBot is its ability to work independent of any platform, yet seamlessly incorporate into any ecosystem.” BetterBot has successfully completed integrations of varying degrees with property software and CRM solutions such as RentyDynamics, Hy.ly, Entrata, Yardi, RealPage, MRI, Knock, etc. BetterBot also works with website providers such as G5, Jonah Digital, Merrick Towle, Spherexx, Resident360, RentCafe, Onsite, LeaseLabs, and more.

Robert Turnbull, Co-Founder and Partner of BetterBot, will be speaking May 6 at the upcoming AIM 2019 conference in Huntington Beach, Ca.

Apartment SEO to Offer 24-hour Automated Leasing Agent

Multifamily marketing firm introduces iLeaseBot, powered by BetterBot’s conversational leasing technology

Long Beach, Cal. – January 22, 2020 – Apartment SEO, the leading full-service apartment

marketing firm specializing in multifamily marketing optimization has partnered with BetterBot, the Industries first and only enterprise solution for conversational leasing technology. The result of combining these two companies, their solutions and expertise is iLeaseBot, a fun, interactive, informative and user-friendly digital leasing agent for apartment communities.

Utilizing the Industries most advanced guided conversational technology, iLeaseBot is the perfect solution for every multifamily real estate website. Apartment SEO’s newest digital assistant greets an average of 3000 prospective renters per community each month, engaging in approximately 400 conversations, answering around 1100 questions, resulting in 25 incremental conversational leads of which half are appointment requests. More importantly, this saved time enables front office and leasing staff time to focus on what’s really important, personal touch with prospective renter tours and current residents.

As with other advancements in digital marketing, Apartment SEO is once again poised and ready to deliver a multifamily real estate tailored solution for the Chatbot trend. “Apartment SEO was quickly drawn to BetterBot because their passion to supercharge property management teams mirrored our own determination to deliver top level services to our clients,” remarked CJ Stillwell, Director of Operations at Apartment SEO.

With Apartment SEO’s iLeaseBot, future and current residents can enjoy 24-hour support from any device; enhancing your resident’s leasing experience from start to finish. And, with a completely customizable interface, apartment communities can personalize their iLeaseBot to match their brand. This fast, intuitive, easy-to-implement technology is easy to talk to, always available, accurate in its responses, and has proven to be the best first impression for your residents.

“Technology is a double-edged sword,” said Robert Turnbull, President and Co-Founder of BetterBot. “It’s created new channels for prospective renters to engage leasing staff, but there’s just no way leasing staff can converse on all these new channels. So let’s use conversational technology to solve this problem and give our leasing staff their time back.”

iLeaseBot can:

  • Be deployed on multiple channels such as Facebook Marketplace/Messenger, Google My Business/Google Ads, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, YouTube, Pinterest, Craigslist, etc., in addition to your property website.
  • Interact via chat, text, email and social
  • Reduce repetitive inbound inquiries by addressing information conversational in real-time.
  • Be customized to your brand’s look and feel with unique avatars, colors, etc.
  • Showcase real-time unit availability, pricing, floor plans, etc., and schedule appointments with your leasing staff 24/7/365.

As the leading full-service apartment marketing firm proudly serving the multifamily industry since 2013, Apartment SEO prioritizes being on the cutting edge of the latest technologies to ensure that it delivers the most up-to-date, effective, and in-demand marketing solutions to our clients. iLease Bot is your state-of-the-art way to make the right first impression and never miss greeting a prospective or current resident again.

About Apartment SEO

Apartment SEO is a leading full-service internet marketing firm dedicated to serving the multi-family housing industry. With decades of combined industry and marketing knowledge, we provide property managers an all-in-one digital marketing solution designed by leaders who understand the unique market that is multi-family housing. For more information, visit our website at www.apartmentseo.com .

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About BetterBot

BetterBot is the fastest-growing, most-adopted automated conversational leasing technology in the multifamily industry. This best-in-class platform helps properties nurture prospects from multiple sources on their path to becoming a resident by greeting prospects, conversing with them, answering their questions, and scheduling their appointments. BetterBot’s powerful technology and unique user interface dramatically eliminate repetitive, time-consuming tasks, so property management can concentrate on higher-value work. For more information, visit betterbot.ai.

Press Contacts

Apartment SEO
Robert Turnbull
Founder & President