Imaginations run wild as soon as you mention the word AI. Recent movies have contributed to the idea that AI can be dangerous and can put human jobs in jeopardy. While that may be the case in the future I don’t see that happening anytime soon. The problem with AI chatbots, in particular, is that they are good at fulfilling narrow intents but they are not very good at solving higher level problems.

It’s incorrect to look at live teams and AI chatbots as an either/or proposition. The best scenario in my view is to find creative ways to use chatbots to supercharge the abilities of human agents. One way to achieve this is to let the chatbots focus on menial repetitive tasks while humans can focus on solving more complex problems requiring nuance and emotional engagement currently lacking in AI technology.

Here are some ideas on how chatbots can assist existing employees working for single and multifamily builders:

  1. Use a chatbot on your website to assist visitors 24 hours a day. The chatbot can be used to help visitors find the information they are looking for like finding a home and subsequently hand them off to the appropriate person. The chat transcript is shared with the human agents which eliminate repetition and speeds up the process.
  2. Chatbots can be used to improve the engagement with existing clients. A chatbot can be perfect for managing maintenance or warranty requests without the necessity for phone calls. This can speed up the time it takes to service a request and in turn improve the customer satisfaction.
  3. Marketing campaign analytics. Use the sentiment score to determine if a marketing campaign is well received by customers. With traditional marketing analytics tools, you get raw numbers that don’t tell the full story. With sentiment analysis, you can measure the emotional response that clients experience when seeing a given marketing campaign.
  4. During the building phase, people can spend an enormous amount of time collecting information from existing projects. AI chatbots can be used to track subcontractors, safety, costs, purchasing, and documentation. Imagine how much time you can save field employees by allowing them to use natural language for their reporting instead of typing information on a mobile device in complex enterprise apps.

We are only seeing glimpses of the way AI chatbots can help employees working for single and multifamily companies. There are exciting times ahead!

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