Knock Knock, Who’s There… BetterBot!

Announcing BetterBot’s newest partnership and integration with Knock.

Good news! BetterBot has formally integrated with the Knock CRM calendar.  Now, when prospective renters use BetterBot and want to schedule an appointment, available times will appear in the BetterBot experience. And, BetterBot will write the appointment back to the Knock calendar so everyone is in sync.

“Knock did a terrific job a few years back of putting appointment scheduling front and center in our Industry,” said Robert Turnbull, President and co-founder of BetterBot. “Coupled with their CRM tools, Knock has moved into a pole position as a front-office platform. Connecting BetterBot’s scheduling functionality to Knock’s calendaring just makes sense.”

Using Knock’s Knock Now solution, BetterBot now has a real-time view into the leasing team’s open and available appointment times. The prospective renter can select from among BetterBot’s four Intelligent Appointment types including In-Person, Self-Guided, Live-Video, and Phone appointments all of which include BetterBot’s appointment/Covid-19 protocols when scheduling various appointments. Once a prospect selects a time, BetterBot drops the calendar and all relevant prospect information into Knock’s calendar and award-winning CRM solution.

“Knock is becoming the gold standard for calendar integrations in the Multifamily space,” explained Stuart Bern, VP of Business Development & Partnerships at Knock. “Wherever consumers need appointment information we want to provide an excellent experience with best-of-breed solutions like BetterBot.”

About Knock

Knock is an award-winning platform that maximizes the revenue of multifamily communities through front office technology and business analytics tools. Property management companies and multifamily operators rely on Knock to easily organize communication across every channel, coordinate and schedule tours and leverage insights to improve marketing and leasing effectiveness, driving better performance and improving NOI. For more information, please visit www.knockcrm.com.

About BetterBot

Today’s renter wants control over the leasing process and access to information wherever, whenever, but today’s leasing team simply can’t keep up. BetterBot is Multifamily’s most adopted digital leasing solution providing renters the information they want 24/7/365 anywhere on the Internet. Using the most technologically advanced software to answer the renters’ questions about the community, BetterBot showcases floor plans, virtual tours, specials and amenities while driving them to schedule in-person, self-guided, live-video and phone appointments. BetterBot is the round-the-clock leasing assistant of choice, freeing up leasing teams from low-value, menial and repetitive tasks so they can do what they do best, being human. 

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