An Unmatched Appointment Generating Machine for Renters & Apartment Communities

Atlanta-Based bot technology firm cracks the code on converting traffic and leads to conversations, conversations to prospects, and prospects to appointments

It’s a problem that has been plaguing the Multifamily Industry for nearly two decades; how do we quickly respond to the overwhelming volume of renter leads?

“Until now, lead response has continued to be very challenging,” explains Ryan Perez, Vice President of Marketing for CF Real Estate. “The property staff either spends a lot of time manually responding to every lead, they don’t respond at all, or we send auto-responses back to the prospective renter. None of these ‘solutions’ are good ones.”

In early 2016, BetterBot co-founder Zlatko Bogoevski had a very successful custom software development firm in Atlanta. At that time he recognized the immediate value bot technology could bring to the Real Estate world, so he started building his own proprietary bot platform. Two years later Bogoevski met Robert Turnbull, a serial entrepreneur in the Multifamily Industry with 20 years experience building businesses in the apartment space. The two mutually decided to partner and tackle the lead response challenge with bot technology, launching their first BetterBot in the apartment category in April 2018.

BetterBot is rapidly growing and has deployed its bot solution to 31 property management companies, adding an average of four management companies each month. “With BetterBot we gather more information about prospects upfront while prospects receive instant answers, freeing up valuable sales staff time,” states Jonathan Ford, Vice President of Marketing for Gates Hudson in Fairfax, Va. “The conversion rates to tour speak for themselves.”

BetterBot has managed more than 260,000 prospective renter conversations to date. The average conversion from renter traffic to BetterBot engagement on a typical property website is 13.5%, nearly 5x the engagement ratio of a typical chat solution. In addition, BetterBot drives an average of 25 incremental renter prospect acquisitions each month, 13 of those in the form of high-value bot conversation leads, and 12 appointment requests.

“Of course, we’re thrilled with the results our bot solution is driving,” says Bogoevski. “But the real value of BetterBot is its ability to work independent of any platform, yet seamlessly incorporate into any ecosystem.” BetterBot has successfully completed integrations of varying degrees with property software and CRM solutions such as RentyDynamics,, Entrata, Yardi, RealPage, MRI, Knock, etc. BetterBot also works with website providers such as G5, Jonah Digital, Merrick Towle, Spherexx, Resident360, RentCafe, Onsite, LeaseLabs, and more.

Robert Turnbull, Co-Founder and Partner of BetterBot, will be speaking May 6 at the upcoming AIM 2019 conference in Huntington Beach, Ca.

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