Battle of the Bots (UNCUT)

We’ve shared the short version of Battle of the Bots but, what about what you haven’t seen? We’re sharing the uncut version where you can get some more in-depth information about several bots in the Multifamily industry, including ACE by LeaseHawkAnyone Home Inc, ChatIQ by RENTCafé, Lisa by AppFolio, Inc.MeetEliseRespage, and Diffe. Rent AI. Please take a look at how we stack up next to the competition.

Industry Trends

What is the most interesting trend you’ve seen in renter behavior recently and over the past 12 months?

“Our bot is on 24/7. Four years ago, we had a thesis that the bot would work after hours, and after 4,000,000 conversations in 2020, 58% of them were after hours. So, the thesis held true. So when people are home and not necessarily available at the property, the bots are actually working on your behalf. “

Onboarding Process

What is the onboarding process, and what is the time frame?

“30 seconds, 15 minutes, and 2 days. 30 seconds to order the bot, 15 minutes to do a BetterBot Concierge intake meeting where we understand how you want the bot configured. We build the bot in 2 days. It comes reconfigured. Works with any integration you want. We can build hundreds of bots at a time.”

We had so much fun participating in this competition. After watching the full uncut version, who do you think wins?