Hi I'm BeeBee, Chief BetterBot!

I'll make sure you never miss another prospect online.


It makes me sad when I hear people try to connect with a property, but never hear back. I love to meet and greet your FUTURE RESIDENTS. In fact, it’s what I’m best at!

I am easy to talk to

I have a fast, intuitive interface that requires little-to-no typing.

I am always available

You can find me anytime, anywhere, and on your favorite device.

I am accurate in my responses

I don’t rely on slow, clumsy technology to talk to your renters.

Consider me a member of the LEASING TEAM.
Here is how I can help:

Schedule Property Tours

Answer Prospect Questions

Free Up Time

I prefer to stay out of the way. I don’t require yet another dashboard to manage me (but I have one if you want it!). And I promise to never send you one of those annoying requests asking you to join my training session.


I love to play with others. It’s a lot of fun when I use APIs to talk to other friends in the tech space. They include: Yardi, RealPage, RentDynamics, Hy.ly, Entrata, Spherexx, MRI, and Knock, among others.

I was created by a PASSIONATE team of designers, engineers and marketers with a singular focus on improving the Multifamily ecosystem by intelligent use of cutting-edge technology.

  • Zlatko Bogoevski Zlatko Bogoevski

    Founder and CEO

  • Robert Turnbull Robert Turnbull

    Founder and Partner

  • Brenda Giloth Brenda Giloth

    VP of Sales East

  • Heather Robinson Heather Robinson

    VP of Sales West

  • Klime Grceski Klime Grceski

    VP of Engineering

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